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July 20, 2010
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My WP - Clash Of No Titans by Yvyne My WP - Clash Of No Titans by Yvyne
My good friend Dennis who changed or better say -corrected- the title of the film in this wallpaper agrees with me about thinking that if a teaser trailer begins with the words "TITANS ---- WILL ---- CLASH ----", and ends with the title "CLASH OF THE TITANS", the film should at least contain actual titans! But while I really kinda enjoyed it, there were no bloody titans!! Not a single TITAN doing ANYTHING, let alone CLASHING with another TITAN! Not even COLOUR CLASHING!

But ah well, I wasn't aware of that fact during the trailer. What I was aware of though was Perseus' hairdo...he did NOT look Greek...Roman, maybe...if you squint...but certainly not Greek.

However, the film had very nice points - it was large in scale, full of very lovely effects and visuals (the Moirae and Medusa were really awesome!) and it was ruled by Ralph Fiennes as Hades <3 (but well, Hades usually rules every story he appeares in) and Zeus....sparkled. I can hardly express my glee at the fact that His Celestial Slutty Majesty SPARKLED! XDDDD
I do love Zeus...after all, according to mythology he created my zodiac sign and its stars....after screwing Ganymede. But I guess Ganymede was fond of him. However, that is no reason to always put HIM on the good side, while Hades always gets to be the bitching evil brother... I guess being Lord of the Underworld doesn't really do much for your image...but being played by Ralph Fiennes and having awesome appearances certainly does. =D

I'm looking forward to the DVD :heart:
It'll be interesting to see it again WITHOUT waiting for the actual TITANS to finally APPEAR and CLASH.
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Tuffnut Jul 28, 2010
This movie made me ship Zeus/Hades like burning.

(Ralph Fiennes is such a woobie for Liam Neeson. It's hilariously adorable.)
Ohhh I never read anything Zeus/Hades related... but it sure would be itneresting! =D
very nice^^...I agree with you with Perseus hairdo...and the other facts^^...

But it was a really good and funny movie^^
Hehe... yes, it was lots of fun. :heart:
Me wants the DVD!
Schlangenschatten Jul 21, 2010  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Looks very nice, dear. I think I should take a look at it, even though I heard more bad than good for it.
But I like Raloh Fiennes, so...
Do give it a chance. The visuals are really good and Ralph Fiennes gets the best appearances <3 So badass <3
Schlangenschatten Jul 22, 2010  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Okay, I will ^^
For Fiennes at least
Critical-Dean Jul 20, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
hahaha, that was one hell of a rant! love it
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